Ken has always had a passion for photography, getting his first mini “Hit” type camera when he was six years old at the Nebraska State Fair. Ken has a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Physics, specializing in Optics, both from the University of Nebraska. Ken has been studying optics for more than 30 years with a special focus on stereoscopic 3D  photography and its peripherals for more than 16 years.

Tanya has always been a recreational photographer who is taking her skills to the next level with help from Ken and modern digital 3D technologies.

Ken and Tanya are co-owners of the Fort Collins base 3D company, Cyclopital3D.
Phone: (970) 221-3923
About Us
3D Stereoscopic Clubs are active throughtout the United States and Internationally. This club provides an opportunity for 3D enthusiasts to gather, share our work, and learn from each other. We are fortunate to have several club members who are considered experts in the field of photography and stereoscopy that we can all learn from.

Ken Burgess and Tanya Alsip are co-chairing the 2011 National Stereoscopic Convention in Loveland, Colorado and have been inspired to lead the regeneration of this Northern Colorado based club.